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A home away from home: spend one day, family and colleges. An ideal location for a picnic, retreat

Its a place for your dream holidays

Welcome to our beautiful campsite nestled in the heart of nature! Our site offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the peaceful and serene surroundings of the great outdoors.

Located in a lush forested area, our campsite provides an ideal location for nature enthusiasts to indulge in a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, bird watching, and wildlife spotting. With a variety of trails and paths available, there’s something for every level of adventurer.

Our campground is equipped with everything you need to make your stay comfortable and convenient. We offer clean and well-maintained restrooms and showers, picnic areas, fire pits, and tent pads for your convenience. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends or family, or in a group, our campsite has something to offer everyone.

With the serene sounds of birds chirping, the fresh scent of pine in the air, and the beauty of the natural landscape surrounding you, our campsite is the perfect place to unwind and recharge. So come and experience the magic of nature at our campsite and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Our Facilities

Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined here, because we care about your well-being.

Double Room A/C with Attached Toilet  – 2 Rooms

Double Room Non A/C Attached Toilet – 1 Rooms

4 Bed Family Room – 5 Rooms

2 Bed Family Room – 5 Rooms

Doormats – 14 Beds

David’s Cart : Room 1 – 6 Beds

Farmer House : Room 4 – 7 Beds

Green Paddy : Room 3 – 4 Beds

Green Paddy : Room 5 – 12 Beds

Green Paddy : Room 6 – 14 Beds

Green Paddy : Room 7 – 14 Beds

Currently 200 Tent Facilities available. If required, further can be arranged.



beautiful dishes

caring staff

We have one of the best cooks in town. And although we are flattered to hear that, we think that every guest has to form their own opinion. 

All that matters to us, is that our guests feel comfortable in our restaurant. We want them to enjoy their meal and their conversations

Multiple Rooms.

We believe in functioning in harmony with nature. When that’s achieved, everything comes to its place – this is the least you’ll experience by staying here.

Best Food.

Everything needed for creating special and unique experience is available here. Accept peace of mind and body rejuvenation  directly from nature.

Quality Service.

One of the basic philosophy for any kind of holiday and pleasure is quality – every thing must be set for your comfort, satisfaction and memorable experience

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